100w/M2 Elektra Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

100w/M2 Elektra Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

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The Elektra MD100 Underfloor Heating Mat Range is designed to be a secondary heat source called the warm floor effect, this is mainly used within Bathrooms and En-Suites to take the chill off the tiles. The heating mat consists of a thin heating cable that is stitched to a fibre glass mesh. The mat is 500mm wide and ends in a 4 m "cold tail" supply cable. The system is designed for use indoors to give a primary heating source within a conservatory. The Mat should be installed with a Flexible Self Levelling Compound or a Flexible Tile Adhesvie, we recommend a 6-8mm covering.

Manufactured in Europe complying with ISO 9001 using the highest quality raw materials, in accordance with IEC EN 60335-2-96. Elektra electric underfloor heating mats have gained many approvals around the world, including the German VDE - probably the highest standard in Europe.

CE Certified

Lifetime guarantee is available for Elektra MD Underfloor heating mats and UK based technical support for the installation / operating of the underfloor heating is provided by our experienced & qualified technicians.

*Please note - Mats over 10m2 will consist of 2no. heating mats.

Mat Thickness 3.9mm
Min Installation Temp -5oC
Max Working Temp +110oC
Cold Tail 1No. 4 metres long - 3 cores
Insulation FEP (Teflon) + XLPE
Outer Sheath XLPE
Output Power Tollerance +5%, -10%
Min Bending Radius 5D
IP Rating IPX7
Mat Wattage:
Mat Thickness:
Min Installation Tempertature:
Max Working Temperature:
Cold Tail:
1No. 4m Long - 3 Cores
FEP (Teflon) + XLPE
Outer Sheath:
+5%, -10%
Min Bending Radius:
IP Rating:
Suitable Floor Constructions:
Solid / Screed
Suitable Floor Constructions:
Beam & Block
Suitable Floor Constructions:
Suspended Timber
Suitable Floor Constructions:
Batten Floor
Suitable Floor Finishes:
Suitable Floor Finishes:
Suitable Floor Finishes:
Suitable Floor Finishes:
Elektra MD Heat Mats Manual