Thermosphere Decoupling & Underfloor Heating Membrane - Self Adhesive

Thermosphere Decoupling & Underfloor Heating Membrane - Self Adhesive

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The ThermoSphere decoupling and heating mat is an evolution of traditional membrane electric underfloor heating systems and is available in both standard and self adhesive mats. With the self adhesive underfloor heating mat there's no need to buy and use extra tile adhesive to stick it to the subfloor, as the self adhesive used on the membrane is the strongest in the UK and does the job for you. The self adhesive version is only suitable for ply and chipboard surfaces.

ThermoSphere membrane is a combined decoupling layer and base for electric underfloor heating systems. Create a warm and comfortable space, safe in the knowledge that your tiled floor isn't vulnerable to cracks and movement caused by challenging substrates. This membrane is 1 metre wide for ease of use and space calculation, and is sold by the square metre here at Tile Fix so you never have to buy more than you need! Ordering 15m² of ThermoSphere membrane equates to a full roll. This membrane is 6mm thick in both regular and self-adhesive iterations.

ThermoSphere membrane is a patented polypropylene membrane complete with rounded square shaped dimples that form channels specifically designed to hold ThermoSphere heating cables in place. On the underside is an anchoring fleece to ensure the membrane bonds to the substrate. Simply press the heating cables into the membrane at variable spacing depending on your required output (w), and roll out over the space you wish to heat.


  • Rated IP68 for bathrooms & wetrooms when using tanking kits
  • EcoDesign Lot20 compliant product
  • Simple install - just one day
  • A choice of standard and self adhesive backings
  • Rated for extra heavy use in the Robinson Test
  • Combined UFH mat and decoupling layer all in one!
  • Can be installed on both walls and floors
  • Covered by Thermosphere's lifetime warranty guarantee


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