ShowerDec® Shower Trays for Vinyl & Tile Floors

ShowerDec® Shower Trays for Vinyl & Tile Floors

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Wetroom shower areas with exceptional strength, up to 100 stone / 635kg using ShowerDec.

  • A level access wetroom shower area concealed beneath the vinyl or tiled flooring once installed.
  • No additional support needed around the waste assisting ease & speed of installation.*
  • 24mm thick to facilitate installation with existing floorboards.
  • 40mm flat area around the floor former perimeter for door placement & water retention.
  • Larger shower area, ideal for wheelchairs.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

 *Tested in accordance with a standard floor with 16” joist centres of 47mm width & supported around the floor former outer edges. No additional support around the waste area.



  • No raised collar around the underside of the waste making installation on timber floors easier.
  • Circular ribbed underside designed for setting into a concrete or screed base and eliminates slippage when installing.
  • Textured top surface allows excellent adhesion of vinyl flooring.
  • Offset waste positions to avoid joists.
  • Pre-formed semi-drilled fixing points for secure installation.
  • Can be cut to size in virtually any position using a circular saw or jigsaw.
  • Suitable for timber & screeded floors.


  • Manufactured using the SMC process from a combination of resin and fibreglass to form a strong and consistent floor former.
  • Tested to withstand 100 Stone / 635Kg across the entire surface area to simulate a standing person.
  • Excellent falls of approximately 2% - 2.5% built into the top surface - ‘BEST IN CLASS’.



900x900mm | 1500x820mm | 1000x1000mm | 1500x1000mm | 1200x750mm | 1500x1200mm | 1200x1200mm |1800x800mm | 1300x800mm | 1800x900mm | 1400x900mm  

For more information, download the ShowerDec Technical Details PDF from the specifications tab.





ShowerDec® Shower Trays CTW01 Vinyl


  • 2 part, 50mm water seal trapped waste for use with a floor former.
  • Bolts together for easy installation. 
  • Removable inner cup for cleaning. 
  • Flow rate in excess of 26 litres per minute.
  • 1½” outlet. 
  • 100mm deep.
  • Tested in accordance with EN274-2:2002
  • Manufactured in white ABS, will withstand wheelchair loadings.


ShowerDec® Shower Trays TSG52 Square Tile Gully


  • 2 part, 50mm water seal trapped gullys with maximum flow rate in excess of 40 l/m.
  • 150mm stainless steel square for use with floor tiles, (8mm depth) which also provides a modern appearance. 
  • 1½” outlet.
  • 100mm deep.
  • Push on cover plate. Top access, easy to clean.
  • Manufactured in white ABS, will withstand wheelchair loadings.



  • A pre-formed flexible self-adhesive waterproof membrane. 
  • Permanent waterproof bond for use prior to laying tiles onto a wetroom floor. 
  • Ideal for use on timber, masonry, concrete, plasterboards, gypsum & existing ceramic or natural stone.
  • Once applied, the membrane is ready to tile immediately. 
  • Membrane is cold applied, consisting of a 1mm thick butyl waterproof layer, incorporating a fleece on one side. 
  • Can be installed over a thermal board. Heating restricted at 32°. Electrical heating max 150w. 
  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of the tiled area when installed as per the manufacturer's recommendations. 
  • Available in 5m² kit. 

Kit contents: 5m² Membrane, 500ml Primer, 10m Reinforcing Tape, 1 x Jointing Compound, 4 x Pre-formed Internal Corners.




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