How to Install Tile Backer Boards

Timber Stud Wall

For walls made from stud, 10 or 12mm Tile Backer Boards can be used for studs at 300mm centres, or you can use 20mm Thermopanel if 600mm centres.
Please ensure that all board edges are supported.

Fix the Tile Backer Boards to the studs using screws and washers, the maximum spacing between fixings should be 300mm.

Solid Wall

Option 1: Screw Fixing

Measure the Thermopanels and cut to size utilizing a sharp knife or saw.

Wall plugs, screws and Thermopanel washers (MSW36) can be used at 300mm spacing to fix to a solid wall.

Option 2: Tile Adhesive

A 5 to 8mm trowel is used to comb flexible tile adhesive over the whole surface of the Thermopanel.

Stagger the Thermopanels in a brickwork fashion, pushing them firmly onto wall.

Option 3: Drywall Fixing

Apply Thermopanel Drywall Foam (TPDF) to Thermopanel, firstly around the perimeter, then at (approx.) 300mm centres. Application to the board laid flat with its end against the wall is generally the quickest method for application to solid walls.

Fix Thermopanel to the studs using screws and Thermopanel washers (MSW36), the maximum spacing between fixings should be 300mm.
Allow the foam to cure for 4-5 minutes and then lever the board into position, then press firmly across the whole face of the board, starting at the top. Ensure the top and all edges receive as much pressure as the rest of the board.

Preparing Tile Backer Boards for Tiles or Plaster Tiling

All joints should be taped using Thermopanel Joint Scrim Tape (IJT90) with the exception of wet areas where Thermopanel butyl tape (Btape) should be used. The wall can now be tiled.

Plastering: Seal the edges of the boards using Thermopanel adhesive/sealant (Thermofix) before applying the Thermopanel scrim tape (IJT90). Plaster can now be applied.

Floor Fixing: Tile Adhesive

Use a 5-8mm trowel to apply a layer of flexible tile adhesive on to the base floor.

Place the Thermopanel down on the adhesive and push firmly down.

Floor Fixing: Screws & Washers into Timber

Measure the Thermopanels and cut to size utilizing a sharp knife or saw. Lay Thermopanel in the desired position.

Use screws and Thermopanel washers (MSW36) to fix the boards every 300mm to the wooden subfloor.

If further waterproofing is required, use Thermopanel adhesive/sealant (Thermofix) to seal the joints. Alternatively, in really wet areas use Thermopanel Butyl Tape (Btape)