8mm Easy Clean Shower Screen (700 x 2000)

8mm Easy Clean Shower Screen (700 x 2000)

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8mm Easy Clean Shower Screen (700 x 2000) 


This shower screen is for use in a wet room, its installed next to the shower to stop water escaping into the rest of the room and helping guide it to the drain. They are a simple and elegant addition to any wet room new or old

The shower screen comes with everything you need to install it, all you need to do is provide the tools 

You can get a flipper panel that is a smaller bit of glass (300mm x 2000mm) that is on hinges that attaches on the end of the screen to help stop water 

You can also install another shower screen in the wet room and connect them together using the support beam and another shower screen bracket 

This comes with all the screws and items needed for installing it, all you need to do is provide the tools needed for installation 


Our Easy Clean shower screens have a coating on the glass that help water, dirt, limescale, soap and oil slide right off the panel.

If you look at glass under a microscope you will see its not smooth and has an uneven surface where water, dirt, limescale and anything that touches the glass can get stuck in but with the Easy Clean coating if flows right off because the coating fills these imperfections on the panel making cleaning so much easier and better for the environment because you are not using as many chemicals to clean your glass!



Width: 700mm

Height: 2000mm

depth: 8mm


Caution: This product is heavy and will require 2 people to move and install


Click here to see the install guide